Coaching for Moms of Teen Girls

with Michelle Barry Franco

Raising teen girls is awesome…
and it can be confusing.

You want to celebrate her independence and enjoy the new version of mother-daughter relationship that comes with her getting older.

You want to recognize her strengths and help her accept the fullness of who she is so she can feel proud and live authentically.

You want to celebrate her voice and help her practice pushing the edges of her comfort zone.

And also…

Her decisions aren’t always the ones you want her to make – sometimes they even scare you.

You feel sad as you sense her pulling away and needing you less for day to day things.

Many days you miss your connection – and yet also want to send her to her room for three weeks to think about how lucky she is to have it so good.

And frankly, your life isn’t just about being a mom.

On top of juggling all of the home things like grocery shopping, scheduling doctor appointments and the endless groundhogs day issue of what to have for dinner, you also:

  • Want to take good care of yourself (if you could imagine how to fit it into your overfull schedule)
  • Are committed to doing great work beyond your home, and stretching your own edges there, too
  • Enjoy spending time with your partner and friends and would like to do even more of it
  • Feel guilty that you don’t have time, energy and space to give back to the broader community and want to figure out how to share more of the immense privilege you enjoy

The confusion is compounded by the fact that having a daughter can bring up so many of your own unresolved teenage struggles.

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You always told yourself that you would do it differently – better – than you had it when you were her age.

Even if you had wonderful, loving parents, there were still those areas where you felt unsupported, misunderstood or unaccepted.

Being a mom is the most important thing you do right now – you’re clear on that.

You want her to know you are there for her no matter what and she can trust and count on you.

 You also want her to know that you are not her best friend – you are her loving mentor and guide.

I totally get it. I have three teen daughters.

Like you, I’ve tried so hard to do the right things by them. I want them to feel confident and strong, deeply supported and loved for exactly who they are.

It seems like such a simple thing, doesn’t it?

You and I both know, it just isn’t. Stewarding whole entire human beings into adulthood is tricky. There’s no guidebook.

Actually, there are so many guidebooks you can spin yourself into a frenzy. And I did. You can read the longer version of my story here