About Michelle

Hey there, I’m Michelle.

I’m on a mission to uplift the voices of women and girls in our world – at home, at work, everywhere.

I have three daughters who are 19, 17 and 15 years old.

When the girls were young I read every parenting book available. I wore my babies in a sling until they were way beyond walking. We bought a king size bed so all three would fit in with us for co-sleeping.

I took them to naturopaths as well as their pediatrician, carefully watched their food sensitivities and made sure they didn’t chew on toxic toys.

I was going to do this whole mothering thing RIGHT, dammit.

But, dang, it was exhausting. And it didn’t get easier as they got older because then they could actually TELL me what I was doing wrong!

The pressure I felt to do it perfectly created so much tension in me that I found myself yelling when I didn’t want to and making extreme rules that only made things harder for myself as well as them.

Two things happened that changed the way I approach mothering – and ultimately, caused me to change the entire course of my work in the world. 

Seven years ago, while listening to a spiritual teacher talking about how we work as humans, I had an insight that changed my whole way of seeing life and mothering. This insight immediately and profoundly shifted the way I interact with my daughters (and, actually, everything in my life). 

It also caused me to notice all of the ways and places where old stories and cultural conditioning got in the way of our fullest expression.

As a speaking coach for women for more than 15 years, I was working with some of the most brilliant and well respected thought leaders in our world – women who you would assume had full and confident self-expression handled – and even they felt uncertain and afraid to say what they really wanted to say. 

We are taught to be quiet as women – and girls – in so many ways.

It became clear that this is a cycle we can and need to stop in our world – the quieting of women’s voices, desires and expression. And that I’m uniquely qualified and motivated to be a part of this change. 

We can stop this disregard for our desires, feelings and voices in our mother-daughter relationships.

I want to empower and support every mother of daughters to…

…feel confident and clear in her mothering so she and her daughters enjoy the most empowering relationship possible, and

… take amazing care of herself, including being fully expressed in her life and work, so she is nourished and joyful in her mothering and everywhere.

The Confident & Connected Membership Community was created for just this purpose.

I hope you’ll join us.

“Michelle could teach a masterclass on communicating with your teen”

Michelle could teach a masterclass on communicating with your teen! She has the unique ability to drill down to what you really want to say, and then help you express it to your teen with kindness and compassion.

– J.H. (Mom of three)